Opening Keynote by The Conference Chair - Naresh Jain - Slides

Keynote: Building Sustainable Organizations: Easy is not an option! The Story of Freeset by John Sinclair

Keynote: Agile Is Not the Easy Way Out by Rebecca Parsons - Slides

Panel: Is Agile Democratic? by Greg Hutchings

How to Approach Refactoring? by Venkat Subramaniam - Slides

Closing Talk by Naresh Jain

The Agile Scaling Model (ASM): Be as Agile as You Need to Be by Scott Ambler - Slides

Programmer Anarchy by Fred George - Slides

Agile Practices in Higher Education: A Case Study by Venkatesh Kamat - Slides

So You Think You Know How To Think? by James Ross - Slides

How to Anticipate and Deal with Changes by Tathagat Verma - Slides

So you think you can estimate? - The lost art of useful estimates by Megan Folsom - Slides

Practices for Agile Database Development by Pramod Sadalage - Slides

Agile Engineering Practices and Tools by Lars Arne Skär

Beheading the legacy beast by Daniel Brolund - Slides

Portfolio Management - Figuring Out How to Say When and Why by Howard Deiner - Slides

Ready to be successful as an Agile Product Manager? by Anupam Kundu - Slides

Slowing down to Speed up: Encouraging sustainable pace in teams by Rahul Sawhney - Slides

DevOps Counseling: 10 ways to help your Dev and Ops people love each other. by Tom Sulston - Slides

From DevOps to NoOps: The JIRA development team's journey to NoOps freedom by Bryce Johnson

Autopsy of a failed agile project or Death of a thousand cuts by Evan Leybourn - Slides

Agile Practices Proven in Highly Regulated Environments by Craig Langenfeld - Slides

Designing your startup by Sandeep Shetty

Product Development in India by Atul Chitnis

The Art of Splitting Features and Epics into Playable Stories by Tarang Baxi - Slides

Principles and Architecture of Sahi: Web Automation Simplified by Narayan Raman - Slides

Confronting Business Uncertainty by Charlie Rudd - Slides

Lean Value Innovation by Masa K Maeda - Slides

Agile and Lean Six Sigma by Sunil Kutty - Slides

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